Weekend in Paradise

Feb 13, 2023

We showed up to Paradise not knowing what the weekend had in store because of the weather. We had 51 entries bring their talents to take on the PWBA Spokane Open pattern.

The scoring pace seemed a little higher than normal for a typical Bracket Challenge No Tap as we had 18 finish with over a 200 average.

The field was paced by Mac Sanders and Josh Lewis…including a 300 game in game 3 for Lewis. With 51 entries, we paid 12 spots and the 13th got a free entry into Sunday’s scratch event.

Final Standings (through 13th)
1. Mac Sanders – 1194
2. Josh Lewis – 1191
3. Drew Crain – 1152
4. Jared Vermillion – 1130
5. Matthew Simon – 1129
6. Matt Ferguson – 1118
7. DJ Bowman – 1091
8. Takashi Segi – 1069
9. Jeremiah Dodge – 1064
10. Chris Miller – 1062
11. Perry Trivette – 1062
12. Michael Puglisi – 1044
FREE Entry 13. David Goins – 1039

The MAIN Event

We had 51 bowlers on Sunday as well. The pattern was the same (45′ PWBA Spokane Open) and the competition was just as fierce.

With 51 entries, we were able to pay and cut to the top 13. After 5 games, Mac Sanders led with a 1200 set and Vicente Maya and Michael Painter tied for 13th at 977. In a one game roll off, Maya left a stone 9 in the tenth and Painter advanced to the bracket.

#9 Randy Weiss def #8 Kevin Donovan 217-205
#4 Michael Ivers def #13 Michael Painter 237-236
#12 Mark Moore def #5 Daveron Jacobs 258-181
#10 Drew Crain def #7 Steve McBee 229-187
#11 Greg McMahan def #6 Jacob Bullman 238-186

#9 Randy Weiss def #1 Mac Sanders 255-208
#12 Mark Moore def #4 Michael Ivers 227-199
#2 Ricky Marshall def #10 Drew Crain 219-108
#3 Ken Simard def #11 Greg McMahan 195-177

#9 Randy Weiss def #12 Mark Moore 183-142
#3 Ken Simard def #2 Ricky Marshall 236-212

In the championship match, Ken Simard defeated Randy Weiss 248 to 181, for his first Bracket Challenge scratch title.

Thanks to all 102 of you that came this weekend to Paradise Lanes. See everyone March 11 and 12 in Anderson, SC at Boulevard Lanes.

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