This was fun 🙂

Apr 24, 2023

Sometimes we focus too much on the Challenge part of our name and not enough on the Bracket! This weekend at Western Avenue in Knoxville proved that.

We had 70 entries come out for our No Tap on Saturday, where the cash line was -2. Congratulations to Josh Lewis for his victory with a 5 game score of 1203 (240.6 avg).

After the massive crowd from Saturday and the grumblings we heard about how difficult the shot was, we were a little nervous for Sunday morning. However, 52 bowlers showed up once again to tackle the 40′ red square (or 35′ depending how you read the layout).

Our qualifying leader was Wes McWethy at 1057, with Jeremy Adams and Josh Lewis the only other 2 that qualified with a 5 game score over 1000.

We were able to cut to the top 13, and pay the high senior out of cut (Greg McMahan) and high lady out of cut (Erika Taylor) based on the number of senior and lady entries.

In the first round of bracket match play, our top 3 got a first round bye.
9. Alex Linnenbrink def 8. Nathaniel Potter 187-151
13. Mark Dillard def 4. Nick Chuba 234-219
5. Kevin Shafer def. 12 Jared Vermillion 171-167
7. Neal Nakandakare def. 10. Ashlynn Morton 161-143
11. Zack McSwain def. 6. Ryan Lane 213-153

In our round of 8:
1. Wes McWethy def. Linnenbrink 210-198
Shafer def. Dillard 213-209
2. Jeremy Adams def. Nakandakare 182-143
3. Josh Lewis def McSwain 183-175

The final four had Shafer defeating McWethy 152 to 182 and Adams defeating Lewis 220-214.

Our finals setup Jeremy Adams vs. Kevin Shafer, with Shafer coming away with his FIRST Bracket Challenge. He won 179-159 after a clutch strike in the 10th of the championship game.

After 4 events in our Tennessee series, Wes McWethy is your current points leader with 182. Followed up Nathaniel Potter (179), Josh Lewis (178), Nick Chuba (172), and Neal Nakandakare (170) to round out the top 5. Remember, we are taking the top 16 in points based on those who have bowled at least 3 stops between January and October in the Tennessee series.

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