First Time in Cookeville

Jun 12, 2023

For the third tournament in a row, we had entries in the twenties…25 to be exact. After the dust settled on their 5 games of qualifying, Mark Dillard from Hermitage Strike and Spare, took the title with a score of 1097. We paid 6 spots with the 7th getting the free entry. Speaking of record setting – as long as we have done our no tap events, we have not had a tie for the free entry, until Saturday. Michael Thomas ultimately defeated Timothy Fleshman to earn that covenanted position.

Results (top 8)
1. Mark Dillard: 1098
2. Dale Carver: 1084
3. Neal Nakandakare: 1048
4. Michael Rachal: 1044
5. Larry Sievertsen: 1023
6. Jeff Scantland: 1011
7. Michael Thomas: 995

We were back to normal with 43 entries on Sunday. Our field included bowlers from all over the area, so that was pretty exciting to see so many new faces.

After 5 games of qualifying, Seth Hillis had the top spot at 1038, while Andrew Scantland was 2nd at 1013, and Josh Lewis was third at 1008…everyone else finished below a 200 average for qualifying. We were able to cut to the top 10, and that was Andy Romer with a 931.

In the first round of match play:
4. Thomas Egler def 9. Nick Chuba 212-157
8. Nathaniel Potter def. 5. Joe Losurdo 197-139
3. Josh Lewis def 10. Andy Romer 248-211
6 DJ Chaffin def. 7. Mark Dillard 205-204

In the next round: Potter defeated Egler (183-170) and Chaffin defeated Lewis (189-171.
In the final four round: leader Hillis came out of practice and took down Potter. 194-181, and DJ Chaffin continued his run by taking care of our 2 seed Andrew Scantland 231-196.
In the finals, Seth Hillis took down DJ Chaffin 239-154, for his first scratch Bracket Challenge title!

We can’t say this enough…we truly appreciate everyone who constantly chooses us and supports our tournaments.

June 17: Senior gentlemen (50+) and all ladies event at Warpath Lanes in Kingsport, TN
July 8/9: Carolinas series at Westview Lanes in Wilson, NC
July 15/16: Tennessee series at Warpath Lanes in Kingsport, TN
July 29: $5000 Summer Clash at Western Avenue in Knoxville, TN

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