Bowling on the Boulevard

Mar 13, 2023

Our first time to Boulevard Lanes in Anderson proved to be a huge success as we had 101 bowlers show up this weekend.

On Saturday, We had 49 entries shoe up and tackle the Mercury pattern. It started off with a BANG as Austyn Grant started the weekend with a 300. It was followed by Josh Lewis (game 2) and Jonathan Lovett (game 5) so they split our 300 pot.

We were able to pay 12 spots with the 13th getting a free entry into Sunday’s scratch event.

Standings (through 13th):
1. Drew Crain – 1379
2. Josh Lewis – 1328
3. Jonathan Lovett – 1285
4. Terry Yorty – 1244
5. Austyn Grant – 1229
6. Rick Verry – 1198
7. Michael Chapman – 1187
8. Claude Woodson – 1183
9. Chris Bald – 1180
10. Cutter Miles – 1174
11. Paul Keller – 1156
12. Chris Martin – 1137
13. Thomas Woolbright – 1106

10 games over 250, our 2nd 300 in Bracket Challenge history and 3 ties in the finals bracket – that pretty much sums up Sunday in Anderson!

52 entries decided to brave the rain and come out for a shot on Kegel Mercury. Congratulations to Josh Lewis for shooting our 2nd 300 in 7 years on tour.
What turned out to be a modified house shot by the end, showed it was an atypical Bracket Challenge pattern. We promise it will be the easiest shot we put out all year 🙂

We were able to cut to 13 spots and pay 13 places. Our top 3 (Josh Lewis, Brandon Curtis, Ken Simard) got a first round bye in the finals bracket.

First round of the bracket:
#4 Ricky Marshall fell to #13 Jacob Bullman 224-190
#5 Randy Weiss couldnt out bowl #12 Chase Wheatly to the score of 190-183
#6 Chris Moore ran past #11 Chris Bald 224 – 191
#7 Drew Crain stayed in urethane all day and beat #10 Jonathan Lovett 224-192
#8 Nash Medico couldn’t hang with #9 David Sparr and lost 247-218

Round of 8:
#1 Josh Lewis only struck twice and lost to David Sparr 216-188
#2 Brandon Curtis hung with fellow lefty Drew Crain until the 9th and tenth frame roll off, eventually falling short 28 to 60. The game was tied at 222 after the first ten frames.
#3 Ken Simard got locked in and beat Chris Moore 213-180
Jacob Bullman outlasted Chase Wheatly 226-188 in a battle of our last two seeds.

Final Four:
#13 Jacob Bullman continued his crawl through the bracket with a 201 tie with David Sparr. Bullman finished with a 51 to 48 in the ninth and tenth frame roll off.
#3 Ken Simard defeated #7 Drew Crain 193-179.

In the finals, Simard doubled in the tenth and left a 2 pin for a 220 score, forcing Bullman to strike out to tie. Jacob got up and put all 10 back 3 times to result in our 3rd tie of the day. Bullman struck in the 9th, as did Simard. In the 10th, Simard pulled it a little much and left the greek church for a final score of 26. Bullman got up and put the first one back which sealed the victory with a 38.

Congratulations to Jacob Bullman on his first Bracket Challenge title. Be on the lookout for a new banner hanging from the lanes!

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