Annual trip to Cleveland

Aug 21, 2023

On Saturday, we had 43 entries come out for our monthly no tap event. The competition never really got started as our leader never slowed down. Ricky Spiva came out of the gate with a 263, and followed that with games of 222, 277, 266, and 300 to take the win, averaging a mere 265.6. We paid 10 spots, with the 11th getting a free entry into Sunday.

We didn’t know what to expect on Sunday, but 54 bowlers came out, and gave the 2022 Jr Gold Advancers pattern a roll. It was a typical Bracket Challenge qualifying block as the highest game was a 249, and only two people were plus after 5 games. *insert evil laugh*

First round of match play saw much of the same scoring pace, as the scores ranged from 220 to 144.
In the quarterfinals, a rarity happened, as all 3 of our top seeds (Keith White, Nick Chuba, and Kevin Shafer) all got defeated, leaving the 6, 8, 10, and 12 seeds to vie for the title.

In the end, John Nunn defeated Josh Lewis 218 to 197 to capture his first Bracket Challenge title.


Sept 9/10 at UltraStar in Cherokee, NC
Oct 7/8 at Paradise in Spartanburg, SC

Sept 16/17 at Oak Ridge in Oak Ridge, TN
Oct 21/22 at Fountain Lanes in Knoxville, TN

End of Year Majors:
Nov 4th: Bracket Challenge Open at Western Ave
Nov 5th: Blue Coast Burrito Playoffs at Western Ave
Dec 2nd: UltraStar BIG Money Saturday at Sky Lanes in Asheville, NC
Dec 3rd: Tournament of Champions at Sky Lanes in Asheville, NC

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