A weekend of Royalty

Aug 14, 2023

Our bowlers showed up to Royal Z in Columbia to battle on the ITS Men’s Dallas pattern. 33 bowlers gave it a roll, and we had three 300 games shot, however our winner was not one of them.
Congratulations to Michael Rachal on averaging 254.8 for 5 to take the victory. He had games of 225-242-277-275-255. We paid the top 8 with 9th getting a free entry into Sunday’s scratch event.

Sunday’s Drama

Michael Rachal took his momentum from Saturday into Sunday and led qualifying with scores of 253-222-214-208-212 for an 1009 block.

We took the top 9 bowlers, after 5 games, into a single game single elimination bracket.

Rachal, Ricky Marshall, and Alex Glinski all received byes in the bracket. Our first round matches included Charles Noble taking care of Randy Weiss 211-168, Josh Lewis defeated Tyler Eldred 236-147, and Drew Crain rolled past Matt Verdon 257-159.
In the 2nd round, Noble started with the front 7 only to lose a little focus and open in the 8th and 9th, opening the door for Lewis to capture the win. After striking in the 8th-11th and a getting a 7 count on the fill ball, Noble needed a mark and 1 pin to move on. His 10th ball looked solid but left a 10 pin standing. If the lane is 60′, his ball traveled 58′ and he missed the ten pin for Lewis to advance 211-210. The other 2nd round match saw Crain defeat Glinski 216-172.
Our semifinals had Lewis take out our leader Rachal 196 to 175, and Crain escaping Marshall 178-171, after Marshall chopped the 3 and 6 off the 10 in the 10th.
Our finals had Crain against Lewis, with Lewis winning an atypical match 256 to 246. For him to now have 12 titles, its been 17 months since he tasted victory in our Bowlifi Winner’s circle.

Again, thanks to everyone who came out!

Our remaining schedule:
Carolinas – Sept 9 and 10 at UltraStar in Cherokee, NC, and October 7 and 8 at Paradise in Spartanburg, SC
Tennessee – August 19 and 20 at Leisure Time in Cleveland, September 16 and 17 at Oak Ridge in Oak Ridge and Oct 21-22 at Fountain Lanes in Knoxville.
Our last Senior men and Ladies event is August 26th at Paradise in Spartanburg.

Nov 4th: Bracket Challenge Open (qualifying then 32 bowlers single game double elimination finals) at Western Ave
Nov 5th: Blue Coast Burrito Playoffs (must bowl 3 scratch events in either series to qualify) at Western Ave
Dec 2: UltraStar BIG Money Saturday ($2500 first and $1500 second guaranteed) at Sky Lanes in Asheville
Dec 3: Tournament of Champions at Sky Lanes in Asheville

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